6.2c Program Coordination

For each of its educational programs, the institution assigns appropriate responsibility for program coordination. (Program coordination)

 Compliance   ____Non-Compliance


St. Petersburg College (SPC) assigns academically qualified faculty members to all program/curricular areas, who are responsible for directing the learning, as well as overseeing and coordinating educational programs to assure that each contains essential curricular components, has appropriate content and pedagogy, and maintains discipline currency.

Note: SPC also offers several clock-hour, workforce programs that can articulate into A.S. degree programs (e.g. Police and Fire Academies), but are not included in this standard as they are not credit-bearing.

Qualified Faculty and Coordination

The College has a centralized academic organizational structure that distributes responsibility for academic program leadership across all campuses and modalities from content area Deans, who report to the VP of Academic Affairs, to program directors/leads or full-time faculty, who have been given administrative duties to oversee program curriculum review and development. The College uses Board of Trustee Rules and Procedures to establish the roles of faculty, program directors/leads, and the Curriculum & Instruction Committee in the development, review, and management of course and program curricula.

Board of Trustee Rules and Procedures governing processes concerning curriculum development include:

Rule 6Hx23-3.04 Course Descriptions and College Programs
Procedure P6Hx23-3.04 Course Descriptions and College Programs
Places the development of the curriculum firmly in the hands of faculty and program administrators
  1. Defines the process for curriculum development and approval starting with faculty and ending with the BOT.
  2. Defines the process for withdrawing courses from the curriculum.
  3. Establishes the role of the Curriculum and Instruction committee in the review process.
  4. Establishes program assessment processes for degree programs and general education and the role of faculty and program administrators play in this process.
  5. Defines the process for terminating a program and the role program administrators play in developing and carrying out a teach-out plan.
  6. Defines the continuous cycle of course review.

Oversight of Curriculum Content, Pedagogy, and Currency

Academic program directors/ leads and faculty (program administrators) work in tandem with their Dean and departmental faculty to direct learning at the college by 1) coordinating and overseeing curriculum development Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Process, 2) participating in the ongoing Course Review Process, 3) facilitating online course development using Quality Matters (QM) standards, and 4) engaging in programmatic review as outlined by the Office of Academic Effectiveness – Overview of Academic Assessment and Evaluation at SPC. All academic program administrators meet the required academic qualifications for their assigned discipline following the Faculty Credentialing Handbook. Credentialing is initiated by the Dean and documented in the faculty credentialing system hosted in PeopleSoft as summarized in the Academic Program Coordinator Roster listed below.

Each Dean oversees their programs delivered throughout the College on all campuses, including courses taught via Dual Enrollment and via online education through the program administrator’s participation in all 4 areas of oversight below:

Curriculum Development and Review: Curriculum development and review practices are consistent regardless of teaching modality (face-to-face, blended, synchronous, or asynchronous online deliveries), including those courses taken by Dual Enrollment students. Dean/program coordinator oversight and approval are facilitated through SPC’s electronic curriculum management system, META. This includes creating new programs, program modifications, creating new courses, and course modifications. Program director/lead and faculty responsibilities include some or all of the following: working with his/her Dean and other faculty during the periodic course and program reviews; serving on the Curriculum & Instruction (C&I) Committee to ensure academic quality, structural integrity, articulation assurance, and student focus; and participating in Workforce Advisory Board meetings to ensure programs meet industry needs.

Course Review: The College’s ongoing Course Review Process is designed to look at key course design and delivery practices within each course. This 4-step process begins by reviewing course outcomes, objectives, and assignments to ensure alignment and currency in the field. The next three steps focus on student engagement. Syllabi elements, feedback, and embedded high-impact practices. This review uses a peer-review process among faculty teaching the same course or faculty within the same department to ensure program coherency.

Online Course Development: Online course development within D2L MyCourses is facilitated by the Department of Instructional Design, Education, and Support using Quality Matters (QM) standards and course review processes. New courses use this framework, while older courses can go through full course QM review/update or QM Rapid Refresh for specific chosen parts of the course. These processes integrate the knowledge and expertise of faculty teaching the courses, program administrators, and Deans.

Program Viability: In addition, program administrators are active participants in the Program Annual Viability Process to review key program metrics to ensure students are enrolling, completing programs in a reasonable timeframe, and either attaining a mid to high-wage job or continuing their education upon graduation. Program administrators are also integral participants in the Program Assessment process for their programs, which occurs every 3 years and reviews whether intended program outcomes have been met.

Academic Program Coordinator Roster

All Coordinators are certified using the SPC Faculty Credentialing Guidelines in the handbook. Links within the chart below show the credentialing requirements for each area, transcripts, resumes/CVs and work experience prior to appointment as program coordinator, and licenses/certifications.

Program Quick Links



Part I: Signatures Attesting to Integrity

Part II: Institutional Summary Form Prepared for Commission Reviews

Part III: Fifth-Year Compliance Certification

Part IV: Follow-Up Report

Part V: Impact Report of the Quality Enhancement Plan


Coordinator / Academic Program
Amanda Gilleland
AS Environmental Science Technology
Embedded Certificates: Water Quality Technician
Diane Vorbroker
AS Biotechnology Laboratory Technology
Embedded Certificates: Laboratory Specialist
Linda Gingerich
BS Biology
Academic Degrees and Coursework
University of South Florida
  • Ph.D. Geography & Environmental Science & Policy
Winthrop University
  • MS Biology
University of Cincinnati
  • Ph.D. Developmental Biology
University of Tennessee Knoxville
  • MS Biomedical Sciences, including 18 credit hours in:
    • BIOMEDSCI 5180 Cell Biology I (3)
    • BIOMEDSCI 5310 Biomedical Sci Lab (3)
    • BIOMEDSCI 5110 Biochemistry (3)
    • BIOMEDSCI 5530 Spec Top Biomed (9)
    • BIOMEDSCI 6510 Adv Top Biomed (9)
    • BIOMEDSCI 6270 Viral Carcinogen (3)
University of Texas at Austin
  • Ph.D., Biological Sciences/Zoology
University of Florida
  • B.S., Biological Sciences
Other Qualifications
Prior Work Experience
  • St. Petersburg College Natural Sciences Academic Chair (11 yrs); Adjunct Instructor (1 yr)
  • University of South Florida Adjunct Instructor in Environmental Science and Global Conservation (4 yrs)
  • University of South Florida Summer Program for Gifted Math and Science (2 yrs)
  • Forest Hills High School Biology and Physical Science Teacher (3 yrs)
  • McGuire Nuclear Station Chemistry & Environmental Lab Tech (1 yr)
  • Winthrop University Zoology Teaching Assistant (1 yr)
  • Allied Signal Chemistry & Environmental Lab Tech (4 yrs)
Prior Work Experience:
  • St. Petersburg College Adjunct (4 yrs)
  • Cincinnati State Technical & Community College Biotechnology A.A.S Program Chair Tenured Professor (10 yrs); Adjunct (8 yrs)
  • SW Ohio Tech Prep Biotechnology Consortium Committee – Summer Program HS Student Program developer for Spanish, Renewable Energy, Biotechnology courses
Prior Work Experience
  • St. Petersburg College Biology Academic Chair (14 yrs); Faculty (12 yrs); Adjunct Instructor (7 yrs)
  • University of Texas at Austin Assistant Instructor (3 yrs)
  • University of Utah Teaching Fellow Biology (1 yr)

Engineering, Manufacturing and Building Arts Department

Coordinator / Academic Program

Robert Hudson

AS Building Design & Construction Management

Embedded Certificates: Sustainable Construction Technology, Field Survey Technician

Brian Bell

AS Biomedical Engineering Technology

Embedded Certificates: Medical Equipment Repair, Medical Device Design & Manufacturing, Medical Device Networking & Cybersecurity

Sidney Martin

AS Production Systems Management

Embedded Certificates: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


AS Engineering Technology

Embedded Certificates: Computer-Aided Design and Drafting, Electronics Aide, Engineering Technology Support, Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt, Mechatronics, Rapid Prototyping and Design, and Six Sigma Black Belt

Academic Degrees and Coursework
University of Miami
  • Bachelor’s in Architecture
  • Graduate-level coursework (23 credit hours)
    • AAE518U Environmental Plan & Design (7)
    • AAE551U Special Problems (6)
    • AAE563U Urban Plan Process (3)
    • AAE519U Design X (7)
This is a 5-year bachelor’s program that prepares the graduate to sit for the national exam and includes graduate-level courses. The National Council of Architecture Registration Boards were passed in 1986 and Mr. Hudson holds an active license in California (#C11624) and Florida (#AR 11304)

University of South Florida

  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering
Stetson University
  • BA Physics
This program teaches skills to maintain and repair “smart” medical devices such as defibrillators, electrocardiographs, IV pumps, ICU bedside monitors, and ventilators. As such a degree in mechanical engineering is the most appropriate degree for this field.

Murray State University
  • Ed.D P20 & Community Leadership /STEM, including 9 graduate credits in:
    • Sem in Leadership Development (3)
    • Leadership and Ethics (3)
    • Sem in Organizational Leadership (3)
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (previously known as Southeastern Massachusetts University)
  • MS Electrical Engineering, including 9 graduate credits in:
    • Signal Detection Theory (3)
    • Pict Process – Computer (3)
    • Topics in Electrical Eng (3)
The Production Systems Management program is designed to combine aspects of management and supervision with technical skills with sub plans in Continuous Improvement Management and Control Systems (electronics/automation/sensors /robotics). The combination of Sidney’s two degrees provides the right mix of coursework.
Other Qualifications
Additional Work & Experience used in lieu of a Master’s to credential
  • Private Architect (33 yrs)
  • St. Petersburg College Faculty (37 yrs)
  • University of South Florida Instructor (24 yrs)
Licenses / Certifications
  • CA license (#C11624)
  • FL license (#AR11304
  • NCARB passed 1984 (#29967)
Prior Work Experience
  • St. Petersburg College PI, NSF ATE Grant for Biomedical Engineering Technology program development (4 yrs)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Lab Teacher (1 semester)
  • Robotics and Programming Mechanics Lab 2 Lab Teacher (1 yr)
  • Sustainable Design and Materials Lab Teacher (1 semester)
  • Assisted with NSF workshop: Faculty Development Needs for Advanced Manufacturing in the USA (6 mo)
Prior Work Experience
  • Murray State University Faculty (4 yrs), Adjunct (1 yr)
  • Kettering University Adjunct (4 yrs)
  • Southeastern Louisiana University Lecturer (1.5 yrs)
  • Kentucky Community and Technical College Adjunct (1 yr)
  • iMedia Managing Director – Software/Hardware Architect (1 yr)
  • Bristol Community College Adjunct (1 yr)
  • AFC Cable Engineering Manager (2 yrs)
  • Northeast Maritime Institute Director of Technology (4 yrs)
  • SYNQOR Director of Hi Rel Components (3 yrs)
  • International Rectifier Director of Customer Service and Inside Sales & Director of Operations (3 yrs)
  • Datel Director of Manufacturing and Technical Operations (12 yrs) Electrical Engineer (6 yrs)
Licenses / Certifications
  • Master Lean Six Sigma Black and Green Belt (2016)
  • Master Black Belt and Black Belt
  • Registered Professional Engineer – Massachusetts License #35108 Specialty in Manufacturing
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Fulbright Specialist


Coordinator / Academic Program

John Long

AS Computer Information Technology

Embedded Certificates: Help Desk Support Specialist


AS Networking Technologies

Embedded Certificates: Cisco Certified Network Associate, Network Administration


AS Computer Programming and Analysis

Embedded Certificates: Computer Programmer, Computer Programming Specialist


BAS Technology Development & Management


BAS Cybersecurity


AS Web Development

Embedded Certificates: Web Development Specialist


AS Data Sciences

Laura Malave

AS Cybersecurity

Embedded Certificates: Cybersecurity

Academic Degrees and Coursework

University of South Florida

  • M.B.A., Business Administration
  • Graduate Certificate, Management Information Systems
  • B.S., Marketing
  • 18 graduate credit hours in Computer Information Systems:
    • ISM 6123 Systems Analysis & Design (3)
    • ISM 6456 Microcomputer Management (3)
    • ISM 6201 Management Info Sys (3)
    • ISM 6305 Man Inf Sys Fct (3)
    • EME 6930 Hyperscripting (3)
    • ISM 6217 Database Administration (3)
University of South Florida
  • M.S., Computer Science
  • 18 Graduate Credit Hours
    • CIS 6930 Document Image Analysis (3)
    • ISM 6930 Internet Law (3)
    • COP 6611 Operating Systems (3)
    • CAP 6415 Computer Vision (3)
    • CAP 5400 Digital Image Processing (3)
    • CAP 6100 Human Computer Interface (3)
Other Qualifications
John serves as the main departmental Chair for the department. Along with several certifications. John’s degree and work experience allow him a broad range of program oversight.

Work Experience

  • US Navy Electronic Warfare / Intelligence Specialist (6 yrs)
  • St. Petersburg College Interim Dean CCIT (1 yr); Academic Department Chair CCIT (8 yrs); Adjunct Faculty (15 yrs)
  • Pinellas County Schools - Instructional Staff Developer / Industry Certification Exam Coordinator (8 yrs)
  • St. Petersburg Christian School - Computer Instructor / Technology Coordinator/ Faculty Software Trainer (2 yrs)
  • Cumberland Farms Division Auditing Manager/ Software Trainer FL Division (20 yrs)
Licenses/ Certifications
  • CompTIA Network+ Certified Professional
  • CompTIA IT Operations Specialist A+ (CIOS)
  • CompTIA – IT Technician A+
  • MS Technology Associate – Security Fundamentals (MTA)
  • MS Technology Associate – Database Administration Fundamentals (MTA)
  • MS Technology Associate – Windows Operating System Fundamentals (MTA)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Windows Server (MCP)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
  • Oracle9i Database Administrator Certified Professional
  • Certified Internet Webmaster Site Designer Associate (CIW)
Prior Work Experience
  • Keiser University Instructor (4 yrs)
  • University of South Florida Instructional Multimedia Developer (1 yr)
  • Hillsborough Community College Instructor (6 yrs)
  • NSA CAE (Center of Academic Excellence Cybersecurity Peer Reviewer, Pre-Submission Reviewer, and Mentor.
Licences / Certifications
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials
  • CompTIA Cloud
  • CompTIA Healthcare IT Tech
  • CompTIA IT
  • CompTIA CYSA+
  • Fundamentals
  • CompTIA Mobility
  • CompTIA Network
  • CompTIA Project+
  • Juniper Network Certified Assoc.
  • E-Commerce Specialist
  • Web Design Pro
  • Web Design Specialist


Coordinator / Academic Program

Michael Ewell

AS Business Administration

Embedded Certificates: Accounting Technology Operations, Business Management, Business Development & Entrepreneurship, Business Operations-Marketing, Management & Leadership, Risk Management & Insurance Management, Supply Chain & Logistics


BAS Management & Org Leadership

Embedded Certificates: Project Management

Robin Wilber

BS Business Administration

Embedded Certificates: Supply Chain Management

Louise Black

AS Hospitality and Tourism Management

Embedded Certificates: Event Planning Management, Food and Beverage Specialist, Food and Beverage Management, Rooms Division Specialist, Rooms Division Operations, Rooms Division Management

Academic Degrees and Coursework

Chadron State College

  • M.S., Organizational Management
  • 18 Graduate Course Credit Hours in Business & Management
    • CTE 632 Org Leadership (3 cr)
    • MGMT 630 Org Behavior (3 cr)
    • MGMT 6389 Legal Social Environment of Business (3 cr)
    • BIS 632 Information Sys for Managers (3 cr)
    • MGMT 610 Human Capital Mgmt (3 cr)
    • MGMT 620 High Performance Leadership (3 cr)
    • BA 690 Business Internship (6 cr)
American Institute of Banking - Certificate in General Banking
  • Principles of Banking (3 cr)
  • Money & Banking 1 (3 cr)
  • Real Estate Finance 1 (3 cr)
  • Branch Mgmt (3 cr)
  • Marketing Bankers (3 cr)
Pinellas Vocational Technical Institute--Business Office Education Technology – Accounting Certificate

University of South Florida
  • Ph.D., Business Administration
  • M.B.A., Business Administration
Walden University
  • Ph.D. Management
  • Master of Philosophy Management
Florida International University
  • M.S. Hospitality Management
International Culinary School of the Art Institute of Tampa
  • B.A. Culinary Management
University of South Florida
  • Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction
  • 9 semester hour graduate credit hours in Sustainability/Management:
    • MAN 6930- Designing Sustainable Enterprises
    • ECO 6936- Economics of Sustainable Enterprises
    • GEB 6930- Social Law & Issues in Sustainability Enterprises
University of Laverne
  • M.S., Organizational Business Management, including 9 graduate semester hours in the following Management courses:
    • ECBUS 558- Management of Change
    • ECBUS 556- Business Policy
    • ECBUS 530- Financial Management
Other Qualifications
Prior Work Experience
  • St. Petersburg College Program Coordinator (13 years); Technology / Administrator (9 years)
  • Technology Business Owner / Entrepreneur (23 yrs)
  • Custom Micro Design General Manager (1 yr)
  • Proven Edge Education Manager and Curriculum Developer (3 yrs)
  • Cash Graf Software Technical Support Manager (2 yrs)
  • First Union National Bank Corporate Trust Officer and Bond Operations Manager (3 yrs)
  • Florida National Bank Operations Officer (5 yrs)
  • Royal Trust Bank Operations Supervisor (1 yr); Banker (4 yrs)
  • Sears Robuck Retail Credit Analyst (2 yrs)
Prior Work Experience
  • University of South Florida Adjunct (4 yrs)
  • Niagara University Assistant Professor (6 yrs)
  • Tampa Bay Engineering Group (1 yr)
  • George F. Young of Florida Director of Accounting and Corporate Treasurer (8 yrs)
  • Clarmac Marine Construction Company Controller (2 yrs)
  • McCarthy Bros. Project Engineer (1.5 yrs)
  • Monsanto Enviro-Chem Senior Project Control Engineer (2 yrs); Project Control Engineer (2 yrs)
Work Experience
  • Miami International University Adjunct (2.5 yrs)
  • The Art Institute of Tampa Adjunct (8 yrs)
  • Hillsborough Community College Adjunct (3 yrs)
  • Saddlebrook Resort Food and Beverage Purchasing Manager (3 yrs) Food and Beverage Storeroom Supervisor (3 yrs)
Licenses / Certifications
  • Working Pastry Chef – American Culinary Federation
  • Culinarian – American Culinary Federation
  • Hospitality Supervisor – American Hotel & Lodging Education Institute
  • Food Safety Instructor and Proctor – Serv Safe
Work Experience
  • SPC Acting Director for Staff and Program Development (2 yrs) SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison (2 yrs) and QEP Director (4 yrs)
  • Headquarters 1st Air Force Tyndall AFB Total Quality Management Advisor (2 yrs)
  • Combat Training Division Chief (2 yrs)
  • Director of Operations for radar site (1 yr)
  • NORAD Headquarters Staff Officer (2 yrs)
  • HQ 4ATAF (NATO) Staff Officer (3 yrs)
  • HQ Alaskan Air Command Staff Officer (3 yrs)
  • American Sustainability Chief of Publishing (4 yrs)
  • Sustainability author (2 books)
Licenses / Certifications
  • LEED Faculty

Public Safety, Public Policy, & Legal Studies

Coordinator / Academic Program

Lynn Ernst

AS Crime Scene Technology

Embedded Certificates: Crime Scene Technology

Michael Hughes

AS Criminal Justice Technology

Embedded Certificates: Homeland Security, Corrections Academy Law Enforcement Academy

Kevin Thomas

AS Digital Forensics and Computer Investigations

Embedded Certificates: Computer-Related Crime Investigation

Geoffrey Brown

AS Fire Science Technology

Embedded Certificates: Fire Officer Supervisor


AS Emergency Administration & Management

Embedded Certificates: Emergency Administration Management, Advanced Emergency Management

Ian Banks

AS Paralegal Studies

Embedded Certificates: Paralegal

Susan Demers

BAS Paralegal Studies

Embedded Certificates: Paralegal

Academic Degrees and Coursework
Catholic University of America
  • J.D., Law, including 10 graduate semester hours in the following courses:
  • LAW 223- Evidence
  • LAW 570- Trademark & Unfair Practices
  • LAW 448- Federal Criminal Litigation
San Diego State University
  • M.A., Business Administration – Information Systems, including 12 graduate semester hours in the following Computer Science courses:
    • IDS 0697- Information Systems Development
    • IDS 0620- E-Business Infrastructure
    • IDS 0515- Advanced Programming for Business
    • IDS 0680- I.S. Hardware & Software
University of South Florida
  • M.A., Industrial Arts/Technology Education
  • B.S., Industrial Arts/Technology Education
Hillsborough Community College
  • A.S., Fire Science
University of South Florida
  • Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction Adult Education
  • M.A., Criminology
  • B.A., Criminal Justice
18 Semester Hour Graduate Courses:
  • CJ 6345 Supervisor Training Strategies (3)
  • CCJ 6285 Law Cr Just (3)
  • CCJ 6705 Syst Inq C Just (3)
  • CCJ 6405 Law Enf Admin (3)
  • CCJ 6726 Law Enf Plan (3)
  • CCJ Theo App Cr Beh (3)
University Of Florida
  • J.D., Law
Stetson University
  • B.A., English
University of South Florida
  • M.P.A., Public Administration
Other Qualifications
Work Experience
  • Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Technician (7 yrs)
  • FLDE Photography Technologist (2 yrs); Latent Prints – Impression Evidence Specialist (7 yrs); Senior Crime Laboratory Analyst (23 yrs)
  • Crime Scene State-wide Technical Leader (8 yrs)
  • American Society of Crime Lab Directors/ Accreditation Board Assessor 2001
  • American Society of Laboratory Directors/ Accreditation Board Technical Advisor (14 yrs)
  • Court Expert in 12 FL Counties, US District Court and Middle District Court of Florida
Work Experience
  • St. Petersburg College Professor (34 yrs); Adjunct (4 yrs); Academy Coordinator (3 yrs)
  • Southeastern Public Safety Institute Adjunct (21 yrs)
  • Pinellas County Sheriff Deputy Patrol Division, Youth Services, Detective for School Officers Resource Program, Narcotics Division, Human Diversity & Gang Intelligence (25 yrs)
Licenses / Certifications
  • FDLE Certified Instructor
  • Crisis Invention Instructor
  • Narcotics / Drug Recognition Instructor
  • Human Diversity Trainer
  • Critical Incident Response Team
  • Gang Unit Intervention
Prior Work Experience
  • St. Petersburg College Faculty Information Security & Digital Forensics (16 yrs)
  • Everest University Instructor Information Systems (1 yr)
  • Rasmussen College Instructor Information Systems (1 yr)
  • South University Instructor Information Systems (1 yr)
  • Wake Technical Community College Instructor Information Systems (1 yr)
  • San Diego State University IT Consultant (5 yrs)
Licenses / Certifications
  • CompTIA Linux+
  • CompTIA Security_+
  • CompTIA CySA+
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • AccessData Certified Examiner
  • Certified Information System Security Professional
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (EC-Council)
  • EnCE (Encase)
  • Cisco CyberOps Associate
  • Cisco CCNA
  • Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1
  • SUSE Certified Linux Administrator
  • MCSE-Windows NT (Microsoft)
  • CAN (Novell)
Prior Work Experience
  • City of Tampa Fire Marshall (1 yr); Assistant Fire Marshall (3.5 yrs); Fire Department Arson Investigator (23 yrs); Fire Fighter (1 yr)
  • City of Tampa Police Officer (2 yrs)
  • Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Officer (2 yrs)
Prior Work Experience
  • St. Petersburg College Faculty (15 yrs)
  • Certus Public Safety Solutions Principal (6 mo)
  • Center for Public Safety Management Senior Researcher/ Consultant (7 yrs)
  • Patrol Operations Bureau Shift Commander North District Station (1 yr)
  • Judicial Operations Bureau Lieutenant--Court Security Division (3 yrs)
  • Patrol Operations Bureau Lieutenant--Community Services Division (6 yrs)
  • Law Enforcement Training Lieutenant (5 yrs); Sergeant Training Advisor (3 yrs)
  • Criminal Investigations Bureau Economic Crime Unit Corporal Detective (2 yrs); Crimes Against Children Unit Detective (2 yrs)
  • Patrol Operations Bureau Deputy Sheriff (2 yrs)
Prior Work Experience
  • Ian M. Banks Agency LLC – Insurance (15 yrs)
  • Rosenthal and Banks P.A. (20 yrs)
  • Kidz Corp Inc./ Southern Properties & Investments (18 yrs)
  • Divorce For Men, Inc (7 yrs)
Prior Work Experience
  • St. Petersburg College College of Policy, Ethics, & Legal Studies Dean (16 yrs); Coordinator/ Program Director (23 yrs); Instructor (8 yrs)
  • Stetson University College of Law Guest Lecturer, Trial Team Coach, Adjunct (36 yrs)
  • Nova Southeastern University Adjunct (7 yrs)
  • Eckerd College Lecturer (31 yrs)
  • Demers & Demers Attorney (1 yr)
  • Law Offices of Robert W. Pope Attorney (5 yrs)
  • Florida Bar Member – Special Commission on Paralegal Regulation
  • Clearwater Bar Association President (1 yr); Program Chair (17 yrs); People’s Law School Co-Coordinator (18 yrs)
Prior Work Experience
  • City of Clearwater Development & Neighborhood Services Director (16 yrs); Services Division Lieutenant--Training-Budget (1 yr)
  • City of Clearwater Police Department Special Operations SWAT Team (16 yrs); Detective Sergeant--Economic Crimes Division/Fraud (5 yrs); Sergeant--Patrol Division (6 yrs); Detective--Narcotics Undercover Operations (4 yrs); Police Officer Patrol – Tactical Operations (5 yrs)
  • Hillsborough County Civil Citation Task Force Advisor (1 yr)

Arts, Humanities & Design

Coordinator / Academic Program
Krisna Sadasivam
AS Digital Arts: Media & Interactive Web Design
Embedded Certificates: Digital Graphic Design, Digital Media Video Production, Digital Media Multimedia Foundations
Barton Gilmore
Photography CT
Nathan Muehl
AS Music Industry & Recording Arts
Embedded Certificates: Audio Production & Engineering
Academic Degrees and Coursework
Savanna College of Art and Design
  • MFA Animation
  • 18 Semester Hour Graduate Courses:
    • CMPA 714 Sound Design for Computer Art (5)
    • CMPA 708 Online Web Design (5)
    • CMPA 717 Media Theory and Application (5)
    • ANIM 709 Comp-generated Modeling / Design (5)
University of Tennessee Knoxville
  • M.S. Electrical Engineering
  • B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering
The Ohio State University
  • MM Music
  • BM Music Education
  • Other Qualifications
    Work Experience
    • Art Institute of Tampa – Instructor Media Arts and Animation (14 yrs)
    • University of South Florida Adjunct College of the Arts (2 yrs)
    • Savannah College of Art and Design MAC Systems Administrator (3 yrs)
    • LSI Logic Corp Senior ASIC Customer Engineer (3 yrs)
    • REAL 3D, Inc. ASIC Design Engineer (2 yrs)
    18 Graduate Credit hours in Photography
    • ART561 Photography (6)
    • ART6620C Photography (16)
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Program Lead (2 yrs); Academic Chair (8 yrs); Professor (8 yrs)
    • Alderson-Broaddus College Professor (5 yrs)
    • A-B College High School Honors Wind Ensemble Coordinator (5 yrs)
    • All-County High School Honor Band Guest Conductor (1 yr)
    • Dixit High School Music Department Head (2 yrs)
    • New Lebanon Wind Ensemble Founder/ Conductor (2 yrs)
    • Miami Rivers Flute Band Conductor (2 yrs)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • Honors Graduate of The Recording Workshop Chillicothe, OH in Core, Advanced, Maintenance, and New Tech (2008)


    Coordinator / Academic Program
    Susan Weber
    AS Early Childhood Education – Teach out

    Embedded Certificates:
    Early Childhood Development, Infant and Toddler Specialization, and Preschool Specialization
    BS Educational Studies: Preschool

    Mike Poulin
    Educator Preparation Institute – Post Bachelors Pathway
    BS Educational Studies: Interdisciplinary
    Cher Gauweiler
    BS Elementary Education
    BS Elite Educator Program – Elementary Education
    Andrea Kelly
    BS Middle Grades Math 5-9 - Teach out
    BS Secondary Math 6-12
    Academic Degrees and Coursework
    University of South Florida
    • Ed.D (In Progress), Curriculum & Instruction - Early Childhood Educational Psychology
    • M.A., Curriculum & Instruction – Early Childhood
    • B.A., Early Childhood
    Northcentral University
    • Ed.D., Instructional and Curriculum Leadership
    Framingham State College
    • M.Ed., Curriculum
    Walden University
    • Ed.D. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (In progress)
    University of Northern Colorado
    • M.A. Teaching American Sign Language
    18 semester hour graduate credits in:
    • TASL 505 DFComm, Culture, ASL Lit (3)
    • TASL 501 First/Second Lang Acq ASL (3)
    • TASL 503 ASL Assessment and Testing (3)
    • TASL 504 ASL Curric Devlp & Design (3)
    • TASL 506 Contemp Issues Tchg ASL (3)
    • TASL 502 ASL Teaching Methods (3)
    University of South Florida
    • Ph.D, Curriculum & Instruction – Language Arts & Reading
    • M.Ed., Secondary English Education
    University of Southern Colorado
    • Post-Baccalaureate – Elementary Education Certification
    University of South Florida
    • Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction Special Education
    Florida State University
    • M.S., Emotional Dist/Leaning Dis
    University of Denver
    • Ph.D., Curriculum
    Hunter College
    • M.A., Math
    Other Qualifications
    Prior Work Experience
    • R’Club Child Care, Inc. (8 yrs)
    • Pinellas County Schools Suncoast District DCF Training Coordinator (8 yrs); Assistant Director Training (6 yrs)
    • Coordinated Child Care of Pinellas Family Child Care Home Assessor (1 yr)
    • Pinellas County Schools Child Development Associate Equivalency Trainer (7 yrs)
    • Belleair Oaks Preschool Director (2 yrs); Instructor (2 yrs)
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Academic Chair (17 yrs); Faculty (13 yrs)
    • National Evaluation Systems (2 yrs)
    • Springfield Technical Community College Adjunct (9 yrs)
    • Monson High School Business Teacher (4 yrs)
    • Valley Educational Services Lead Teacher (4 yrs)
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg Faculty (4 yrs)
    • Montclair State University Adjunct (2 yrs)
    • Valdosta State University Adjunct (6 mo)
    • University of South Florida Adjunct (2 yrs)
    • Pasco-Hernando State College Adjunct (2 yrs)
    • Wesley Chapel High School Long-Term Sub (18 mo)
    • Florida School for the Deaf and Blind Deaf Mentor (18 mo)
    • Florida Sign Language Teachers Association Chair and member (2 yrs)
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Faculty (17 yrs)
    • Hillsborough Community College Adjunct (1 yr)
    • Nova Southeastern University Facilitator for Elementary Ed and English Ed grad students (1 yr)
    • Chamberlain High School English Teacher (1 yr)
    • Clark Elementary Grade 4 & 5 Teacher (3 yrs)
    • Benito Middle School Grade 6 Teacher (3 yrs)
    • Eisenhower Middle School Grade 6 Teacher (1 yr)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • FLDOE – Elementary Education (1-6), English (7-12), English to Speakers of Other Languages endorsement, Reading endorsement, Gifted endorsement, Exceptional Student endorsement
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Practicum Supervisor (19 yrs); Internship Supervisor (19 yrs); Adjunct (19 yrs)
    • University of South Florida Adjunct (1 yr); Assistant Coordinator for Preparing Regular Educations for Certification in Special Education (2 yrs); Level 2 Intern Supervisor (1 yr)
    • Fairmount Park Elementary Teacher of Exceptional Education (3 yrs)
    • Pinellas County Teacher Mentor (4 yrs)
    Licenses/ Certifications
    • FLDOE Pre-K, Exceptional Student Education K-12
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Acting Associate Dean (1 yr); Academic Chair (8 yrs); Acting Dean (1 yr); Professor of Mathematics Education (16 yrs)
    • Teacher Prep Inspection--US Inspector/Program Evaluator (6 yrs); Acting Academic Chair (2 yrs); Lead Faculty (8 yrs)
    • Devry University Adjunct (10 yrs)
    • Walden University Adjunct (2 yrs)
    • Kaplan University Adjunct (3 yrs)
    • Community College of Aurora Adjunct (2 yrs)
    • Aurora Hills Middle School 8th Grade Math Teacher (3 yrs)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • Colorado Professional Teacher License--Mathematics Education (7-12)


    Coordinator / Academic Program
    Leah Olson
    AS Nursing, RN
    AS L.P.N. transitional
    Clare Owen
    BS Nursing, RN
    Academic Degrees and Coursework
    Alverno College
    • D.N.P., Nursing
    • B.S. Nursing
    Walden University
    • MS Nursing Education
    Barry University
    • Ph.D., Nursing
    • M.S.N., Nursing
    Other Qualifications
    Prior Work Experience
    • Wisconsin Dept of Corrections NC2 (5 yrs)
    • Alverno College Assistant Professor (7 yrs)
    • Alverno College Clinical Coordinator (3 yrs)
    • Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Palliative Care RN (2 yrs); RN Staff Nurse (4 yrs)
    • Odyssey Healthcare Triage RN/Case Manager (5 yrs)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • WI RN License
    • FL RN License #9568416
    Prior Work Experience
    • NCLEX Part-Time Nurse Educator (1.5 yrs)
    • Barry University Assistant Program Director Undergraduate Nursing (5 yrs); Professor (5 yrs)
    • Holy Cross Hospital Charge Nurse (1 yr)
    • Jackson Health System Assistant Nurse Manager (9 yrs)
    • American Mobile Nurses Travel Nurse (2 yrs)
    • Nursing Management Services Travel Nurse (4 yrs)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • FL RN License #2772622

    Health Sciences and Veterinary Technology

    Coordinator / Academic Program
    Stephanie Watkins
    AS Health Sciences
    John Fleming
    AS Radiography
    Cynthia Grey
    BAS Veterinary Technology

    The Bachelor’s Program provides a terminal degree opportunity for veterinary technicians. This program offers specialized tracks in clinical techniques and hospital management.

    Academic Degrees and Coursework
    University of Bridgeport
    • M.S. Dental Hygiene
    Vermont Technical College
    • B.S. Dental Hygiene
    University of New England
    • A.S. Dental Hygiene
    Arizona State University
    • MA. Emergency Management and Homeland Security
    St. Petersburg College
    • B.A.S, Public Safety Administration
    Community College of the Air Force
    • A.S., Health Science
    State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota
    • A.S., Emergency Medical Services
    Manatee Technical Institute
    • Paramedic Certificate
    University of Central Oklahoma
    • M.Ed., Education
    • B.S., Funeral Services
    Capella University
    • Ph.D., Education – Higher Ed Leadership
    Georgetown College
    • M.A., Education
    • B.S., Elementary Education
    St. Petersburg College
    • A.S., Health Information Management
    Radford University
    • DHSc., Health Sciences – Community & Public Health
    Liberty University
    • Graduate Courses Public Health & Nutrition
    Bethel University
    • M.A., Education
    University of Tennessee at Martin
    • B.A., University Studies
    University of South Florida
    • Ph.D., Public Health
    • Master’s Public Health
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    • D.P.T., Physical Therapy
    Mary Washington College
    • B.S., Biology
    University of South Florida
    • M.S., Education Curriculum & Instruction – Computers in Education
    • B.S., Industrial-Technical Education
    St. Petersburg College
    • A.S., Radiography
    Northeastern University
    • M.S. (In Progress), Respiratory Care Leadership
    University of South Florida
    • M.A., Adult Education
    • B.A., Independent Studies
    State College of Florida – Manatee-Sarasota
    • A.S., Respiratory Care
    Georgia Southern University
    • M.Ed., Higher Ed. Administration
    Clayton College & State University
    • B.A.S., Administrative Management
    Columbus Technical College
    • A.A.S., Surgical Technology
    National University
    • M.A., Teaching/Education Technology
    University of Central Florida
    • B.S., Technical Education/Industrial Training
    St. Petersburg College
    • A.S., Veterinary Technology
    There are no Master's degree programs in Veterinary Technology, and the Bachelor's programs in Veterinary Technology are relatively new.
    University of Phoenix
    • Ph.D., Management in Org Leadership
    University of Memphis (previously Memphis State University)
    • M.S., Personnel Services
    AAHA/Purdue University
    • Certificate of Veterinary Practice Administration
    Other Qualifications
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Faculty (2 yrs)
    • Nova Southeastern University Director of Dental Hygiene Services (3 yrs); Quality Assurance Liaison (1 yr); Clinical Instructor (3 yrs)
    • University of Bridgeport Adjunct (6 yrs)
    • Thomas Nelson Community College Assistant Professor (6 mo)
    • Vermont Technical College Assistant Clinical Instructor (2 yrs)
    • Vermont State Tooth Tutor Program (2 yrs)
    • Dental Hygienist (23 yrs)
    • Heaton & Fisch Dental Associates Office Manager/ Dental Hygienist (4 yrs)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • FL Dental Hygiene License #24265
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College EMS Program Director and Faculty Member (12 yrs); HEC & COHS Appeals Committee Member (12 yrs)
    • Baycare Health System Paramedic (2 yrs)
    • USAF Reserves (Retired CMSgt) Squadron Superintendent (4 yrs); Nursing Superintendent (4 yrs); Aeromedical Evaucation Technician/EMT Coordinator (11 yrs); NCOIC Aeromedical Evacuation Operations Team (7 mo); USAF Aeromedical Evacuation Medic (1 yr)
    • CoAEMSP Accreditation Site Visitor
    • NREMT Training Officer & Exam Coordinator
    • NAEMT Training Center Representative & Course Coordinator
    • NAEMSE Educator’s Collaborative
    • BayCare Health – Tropicana Field and Mahaffey Theater Medical Team providing BLS/ALS care to fans, vendors at events
    Licenses / Certifications
    • FL Paramedic #PMD514945
    • National Registered Paramedic #M5043915
    • NAEMT Provider & Instructor for Emergency Pediatric Care 4th Edition #116004
    • NAEMT Provider & Instructor for Prehospital Trauma Life Support 9th Edition #116004
    • BLS Provider & Instructor #205507446668
    • ACLS Instructor & Provider #205507446668
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Funeral Services Program Director and Faculty Member (30 yrs)
    • Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Assistant Professor Mortuary Science and Funeral Service (4 yrs)
    • Des Moines Area Community College Adjunct Mortuary Science (1 yr)
    • Smith & Kernke Funeral Director (7 yrs)
    • Executive Board Member International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards (2 yrs)
    • American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE) Officer (8 yrs)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • Funeral Director/ Embalmer License (FL) F045543
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Program Director & Faculty (17 yrs)
    • ITT Technical Institute Program Chair & Professor and Educational Consultant for HIT program (1 yr)
    • Remington College National Director of Allied Health (1 yr)
    • John River Community College Program Director & Professor HIT (7 yrs)
    • Whitman Education Group National Program Director of Professional and Faculty Development (2 yrs)
    • Baptist Medical Center Medical Coder (4 yrs)
    • Morton Plant Mease Hospital HIM Department Supervisor/Medical Coder (6 yrs)
    • Rehab Works Inc. Medical Coder (1 yr)
    • Ed White Hospital Medical Coder (1 yr)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • RHIT #0482432
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Program Director & Faculty (2 yrs)
    • Bethel University Athletic Training Program Faculty (6 yrs), Academic Coordinator (8 yrs), Clinical Education Coordinator (2 yrs), Didactic Coordinator (2 yrs)
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Instructor-in-Charge (10 yrs); Professor (13 yrs); Curriculum & Instruction Chair (10 yrs)
    • University of South Florida College of Public Health Visiting Instructor (1 semester)
    • Case Western Reserve University Interviewer (5 yrs)
    • Operation PAR Inc. Director of Adult Treatment Alternatives to Street Crimes and Special Criminal Justice Populations (4 yrs); Coordinator of In-Jail Treatment Services (4 yrs); Counselor (4 yrs)
    • Center Against Spouse Abuse Supervisor-Services Coordinator (5 yrs)
    • Department of Health Rehabilitative Services Protective Services Assistant (2 yrs)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • Criminal Justice Addiction Professional
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Program Director (7 yrs); Faculty (13 yrs)
    • Hawthorne Village Health & Rehab Center PRN Physical Therapist (5 yrs)
    • Florida Career College PTA Program Director (3 yrs)
    • HCR Manor Care PT (4 yrs)
    • HealthSouth Sports Medicine and Rehab PT (3 yrs)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • PT # FL PT22092
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Program Director (17 yrs); Clinical Coordinator (15 yrs); Adjunct (3 yrs)
    • National University of Health Sciences Adjunct (12 yrs)
    • Mease Health Care Staff and Computed Tomography Technologist (19 yrs)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control License Number: CRT 2675 March 1986+
    • American Registry of Radiologic Technology Modality: Computed Tomography Certification Number: 209213 June 1999+
    • American Registry of Radiologic Technology Modality: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Certification Number: 209213 October 1996+
    • American Registry of Radiologic Technology Modality: Radiography Certification Number: 209213 March 1986+
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Program Director (10 yrs)
    • St. Petersburg College Professor (17 yrs)
    • Lakewood Ranch Medical Center Registered Therapist Pool (19 yrs); Director of Cardiopulmonary Services (1 yr)
    • USF College of Public Health Gulf Coast South Area Health Education Center Clinical Training / Service-Learning Coordinator (1 yr)
    • Manatee Community College Director Clinical Education Respiratory Care Program (2 yrs); Adjunct Clinical Instructor (2 yrs)
    • Brandon Regional Hospital Staff Therapist/ Respiratory Supervisor (8 yrs)
    • Erwin Technical Center Adjunct Clinical Instructor Respiratory Care Program (3 yrs)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • Registered Therapist RT #60570
    • Florida License – RT 4721
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Program Director (2 yrs)
    • West Georgia Technical College Program Director Surgical Services (7 yrs)
    • Virginia College Surgical Technology Instructor (1 yr)
    • Columbus Regional Healthcare CST Labor & Delivery (4 yrs)
    • Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Certified Surgical Technologist (2 yrs)
    • Southeast Alabama Medical Center Surgical Technologist (1 yr)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • CST 131861
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Program Director / Academic Chair (13 years)
    • Veterinary Technology Instructor (27 years)
    • Certified Vet Technician Largo Veterinary Hospital and Main Street Veterinary Hospital (10 yrs)
    • Vetpharm Inc. Clinical Research Assistant (2 yrs)
    • Vetmedteam Inc. Instructor (3 yrs)
    • Kennel Assistant (1 yr)
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Associate Dean, College of Veterinary Technology (5 yrs)
    • Professor, Veterinary Technology Management Track (17 yrs); Adjunct Instructor (1 yr)
    • Germantown Parkway Animal Hospital Hospital Administrator (10 yrs)

    Social & Behavioral Sciences and Human Services

    Coordinator / Academic Program
    Latresha Bighem-Moore
    AS Social and Human Services
    Embedded Certificates: Addiction Studies, Youth Development Professional, Community Health Worker
    Academic Degrees and Coursework
    National-Louis University
    • Ed.D., Higher & Postsecondary Ed
    Troy University
    • M.S., Counseling / Psychology – Social Services Counseling, including 18 semester hour graduate credits in:
      • Vocational Psych & Career Dev (3)
      • Theories of Personality (3)
      • Human Lifespan & Development (3)
      • Eval & Assessment of Individual (3)
      • Counseling Diverse Populations (3)
      • Group Dynamics & Counseling (3)]
    Other Qualifications
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Assistant Professor Sociology (10 yrs)
    • Chipola College Associate Professor of Sociology (10 yrs); Adjunct Instructor (4 yrs)
    • Jackson County Health Dept. Grant Administrator (11 yrs)
    • Chemical Addictions Recovery Effort Drug Treatment Specialist (2 yrs)

    Disciplines without Degrees (Associate of Arts) Dean Oversight

    General Education courses are not overseen by a program coordinator; rather, they fall under the purview of the Dean from the relevant academic program.

    Coordinator / Academic Program
    Joseph Leopold
    Barbara Hubbard
    Fine & Applied Arts
    Joseph Smiley
    Social Sciences
    Susan Demers
    Jimmy Chang
    Nativia Middleton
    Natural Science
    Norene Kemp
    Technology & Information
    Academic Degrees and Coursework
    Barry University
    • Ed.D., Higher Education and Leadership (In Progress)
    Florida State University
    • M.A., Creative Writing
    • B.A., English
    University of South Florida
    • Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction / Higher Education Administration, including 6 semester hour graduate credits in:
      • MMC 6936 St Influences & Media (3)
      • EME 6936 Interactive Media (3)
    Montclair State College
    • M.A., Fine Arts
    • B.A., Fine Arts
    9 semester hour graduate credits in:
    • 9610 I-S Illustration (6)
    • 9580 Graduate Cinema (3)
    • 9505 Film as Visual Art (3)
    Argosy University
    • Ed.D., Curriculum and Instruction
    University Of Notre Dame
    • M.A., Government and International Studies
    Florida A & M
    • B.S., Political Science and History
    University Of Florida
    • J.D., Law
    Stetson University
    • B.A., English
    University of South Florida
    • M.A., Mathematics
    Eckerd College
    • B.S., Mathematics
    University of South Alabama
    • Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology / Lung Biology
    University of South Carolina
    • B.S., Biology
    Johns Hopkins University
    • M.S. ITSB/Info Systems
    • B.S. Info Systems
    Other Qualifications
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Communications Dean (7 yrs); Director Learning Resources (5 yrs); Academic Chair (3 yrs); Professor (17 yrs); Adjunct (1 yr)
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Dean (11 yrs); Adjunct (2 yrs)
    • Eckerd College Program for Experienced Learners Center Director (3 yrs)
    • Argosy University Adjunct (8 yrs)
    • The Art Institute of Tampa Director of Faculty Development and Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness (1 yr); Dean of Academic Affairs (2 yrs)
    • University of South Florida Visiting Assistant Professor (4 yrs)
    • St Petersburg College Instructor in Charge Graphic Design (7 yrs); Adjunct (3 yrs)
    • The Right Brain Workshop Freelance Creative Director (36 yrs)
    • Chesapeake Display & Packaging Senior Graphic Designer (6 yrs)
    • Nabisco Graphic Designer (3 yrs)
    Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Social & Behavioral Sciences and Human Services Dean (15 yrs); Program Director (3 yrs); Professor (26 yrs)
    • Alpha Institute for Teen Leadership Program Coordinator (26 yrs)
    • Sgt Allen Moore Safehouse Program Director (26 yrs)
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College, College of Policy, Ethics, & Legal Studies Dean (16 yrs); Coordinator/ Program Director (23 yrs); Instructor (8 yrs)
    • Stetson University College of Law Guest Lecturer, Trial Team Coach, Adjunct (36 yrs)
    • Nova Southeastern University Adjunct (7 yrs)
    • Eckerd College Lecturer (31 yrs)
    • Demers & Demers Attorney (1 yr)
    • Law Offices of Robert W. Pope Attorney (5 yrs)
    • Florida Bar Member – Special Commission on Paralegal Regulation
    • Clearwater Bar Association President (1 yr), Program Chair (17 yrs), People’s Law School Co-Coordinator (18 yrs)
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Mathematics Dean (11 yrs); Academic Chair (3 yrs); Professor (9 yrs); Adjunct (1 yr)
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Dean of Natural Sciences & Engineering (7 yrs); Academic Chair (1 yr)
    • Technical College of the Lowcountry Biology Instructor and Program Director (5 yrs); Interim Dean of Arts & Sciences (1 yr)
    Prior Work Experience
    • St. Petersburg College Dean of College Computer and Information Technology (new 2023)
    • Wake Technical College Department Head Programming and Information Sciences (4 yrs)
    • Johnston Community College Computer Science Instructor (2 yrs)
    • Horry-Georgetown Technical College Digital and Information Systems Professor (5 yrs)
    • Concordia University academic Coordinator/Instructor Math/CPT (2 yrs)
    • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Technology Project Manager (10 yrs)
    Licenses / Certifications
    • Project Management Professional (PMP) 2009-2013