5.4 Qualified Administrative/Academic Officers

The institution employs and regularly evaluates administrative and academic officers with appropriate experience and qualifications to lead the institution. (Qualified administrative/academic officers)

 Compliance   ____Non-Compliance


Appropriateness of Required Credentials and Experience for Leadership

St. Petersburg College’s (SPC) administrative and academic officers are regularly evaluated and consistently maintain the necessary credentials, experience, expertise, and abilities required for the positions they hold to lead the institution. The College employs competent, qualified employees in accordance with guidelines summarized in Board of Trustees Rule 6Hx23-2.02 General Employment Rules and 6Hx23-2.022 Qualification of Instructional, Administrative, and Professional Personnel. The college abides by all federal policies and is an Equal Opportunity and Equal Access employer.

SPC assures that its Administrative and Academic Officer position requirements remain relevant and appropriate to the higher education and industry landscape and in line with peer institutions in the state of Florida and nationally. The College has undergone two compensation and classification studies in the last ten years, most recently in 2021-2022. These processes utilized outside contractors and HR specialists to review all positions, ensure appropriate credential and experience requirements for each role, garner input from employees and Senior Leadership on necessary duties and credentials, determine equity between pay scales, and support external competitiveness with similarly-sized institutions. Recommended position or classification changes were reviewed and approved by the President, Board of Trustees, Human Resources department, and Senior Leadership.


Administrative and academic officers are recruited nationally to help ensure the best pool of candidates are considered for any vacancies which occur at the College. Positions are posted on the College’s official employment website and advertised in diverse higher education publications, nationally known job boards, and niche publications directed at those in specific academic areas. Applicant pools are reviewed to ensure there is a sufficient and diverse candidate pool before hiring managers can review the candidates. Screening committees are composed of cross-sectional representation across multiple departments and are headed by either a College administrator or faculty member. Additionally, all individuals selected for a position are screened by Human Resources to confirm that their qualifications align with those in the published position descriptions for the role before an offer of employment is extended. Work history and educational credentials are verified via a third-party vendor to ensure that all work history is correct and all reported degrees are accurate and from regionally accredited institutions.

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of St. Petersburg College is the responsibility of the President, who employs each officer. St. Petersburg College posts its Organizational Chart online. The administrative and academic officers of the College include the Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, Provosts, Deans, General Counsel, and other senior administrators (approved by the Board on the recommendation of the President) with administrative responsibilities. The job descriptions for each position contain a section detailing the required education and experience an employee must hold. These requirements are also used to identify capable and competent candidates to fill these positions when vacancies arise.

5.4 Organizational Chart

As shown in the Administrative and Academic Officers Roster below, the College’s administrators and academic officers hold a wide breadth of appropriate educational credentials and experience to lead the institution, and all meet or exceed the minimum job requirements for their positions. The included roster breaks down the positions by category (those in the President’s Cabinet, Associate Vice Presidents, Provosts, and Deans) and includes position titles, names, educational qualifications, and a summary of documented experience. The President’s Cabinet is defined as those leaders who report directly to the President, with the exception of the Associate Administrative Vice President for Marketing and Strategic Communications. This role reports to the VP of Institutional Advancement but is included in the Cabinet due to the strategic nature of the role. The Cabinet’s role is to approve administrative matters that require senior leadership approval and advise the President on any subject they may require.

Comprehensive information is provided in the hyperlinked job descriptions and resumes/curriculum vitae. SPC makes available information on the credentials, qualifications, and experience of administrators and academic officers through the College’s Human Resources Department. Official copies of applications and documenting qualifications are kept in the employee’s permanent files. These leadership positions are also reflected in the College’s organizational chart.

Note: The College’s 2021-2022 compensation and classification study resulted in some position descriptions being updated to reflect more current and comprehensive duties. Position descriptions may appear in one of two formats based on when updates occured. 



Part I: Signatures Attesting to Integrity

Part II: Institutional Summary Form Prepared for Commission Reviews

Part III: Fifth-Year Compliance Certification

Part IV: Follow-Up Report (not applicable)

Part V: Impact Report of the Quality Enhancement Plan

Supporting Documentation


Barry University
  • PhD., Leadership and Education
University of Tampa
  • M.A., Business Administration
Florida Southern College
  • B.S. Accounting
  • B.S., Computer and Information Systems
The University of Arizona
  • Ph.D., Management
The University of Arizona
  • M.S., Management and Policy
San Diego State University
  • M.B.A., Personnel and Industrial Relations
University of California at Santa Cruz
  • B.A., American Studies
Florida International University
  • Masters Candidate, M.B.A.
University of South Florida
  • B.S., Business Administration
Barry University
  • Ph.D., Higher Education Leadership & Administration
University of South Florida
  • M.B.A., Information Systems
University of South Florida
  • B.A., Marketing
St. Petersburg College
  • A.A.
University of South Florida
  • D.B.A., Business
  • Dissertation Topic: Power of the Collaborative—A Case Study of Businesses Engaging in Cross Sector Partnerships to Find Talent
University of Michigan
  • B.A., International Studies - Business Management & French
Eckerd College
  • B.A., Human Development
Liberty University
  • Doctoral Candidate, Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration
Ashland University
  • M.Div.
Madonna University
  • M.B.A
Michigan State University
  • B.A., Telecommunications/ Criminal Justice
Auburn University
  • Ph.D., Administration of Higher Education
  • M.Ed., Adult Education
Dillard University
  • B.A., Psychology
University of Florida
  • B.A., Political Science
Stetson University College of Law
  • J.D., Law
University of Florida
  • B.A., English
USF St. Petersburg
  • M.A., Mass Communications
Virginia Tech
  • B.A., English
University of Central Florida
  • B.S., Finance
CESD Training
  • Certificate in Medical Office Management
Summary of Documented Experience
St. Petersburg College
  • Vice President, Student Affairs (5 yrs); Provost (3 yrs); Associate Vice President, Strategic Execution and Systems Support (7 yrs)
Sage Software Healthcare Division
  • Director, Financial Planning & Analysis (1 yr)
Progress Energy Corporation
  • Senior Business Financial Analyst (1 yr)
Tech Data Corporation
  • Compensation Manager (3 yrs); Sales and Marketing Operations Manager (1 yr); Supervisor, Reporting and Automation (2 yrs); Contracts Analyst (2 yrs)
United States Defense Contract Management Command
  • Administrative Contracting Officer/Contract Administrator (2 yrs); Contract Administrator (4 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • Vice President, Academic Affairs (3 yrs)
Hawaii Pacific University
  • Senior Vice President and Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs (5 yrs); Professor (1 yr)
Georgia College & State University
  • Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs (1 yr); Dean (3 yrs); Professor (3 yrs)
Western Washington University
  • Professor/Faculty (8 yrs)
Washington University St. Louis
  • Visiting Assistant Professor (2 yrs)
DePaul University
  • Program Director (1 yr); Assistant Professor (4 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • Vice President, Finance & Business Operations (3 yrs); Associate Vice President, Budgeting & Compliance (3 yrs); Director, Budgeting & Compliance (2 yrs); Budget Support & Development Compliance Coordinator (4 yrs); Senior Accountant (3 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • Vice President, Information Technology & Chief Information Officer (1 yr); Associate Vice President, Student Experience & Strategic Innovation (1 yr); Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services (13 yrs); College Registrar (1 yr); Manager, Computer Programming & Support (8 yrs); Coordinator, Office of Enrollment Management (3 yrs); Academic Advisor, Health Education Center (3 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • Vice President, Workforce Development & Corporate Partnerships (1 yr); Chief of Staff, President’s Office, focused on collegewide initiatives and community partnership development (4 yrs); Executive Director, Grant Development and Management (5 yrs); Director, Grant Development and Management (2 yrs)
WorkNet Pinellas
  • Project Director, Grant Development and Management (3 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • Vice President, Institutional Advancement & Executive Director of the Foundation (4 yrs)
University of South Florida, Tampa
  • Associate Director of Development (3 yrs); Assistant Director of Development, WUSF (1 yr);
Eckerd College
  • Director of Special Gifts (4.5 yrs); Director of Annual Giving (1 yr); Associate Director of Major Gifts (2 yrs); Director / Assistant Director of Campus Activities (5 yrs)
Updegraff Vision
  • Practice Administrator (1 yr)
MPDirect, Inc.
  • Division Manager (1 yr)
Turtle Moon Graphics
  • President / Entrepreneur (9 yrs)
Interim Therapy Services
  • Director of Administration (1 yr)
St. Petersburg College
  • Chief Human Resources and Talent Officer (2 yrs)
Cornell University
  • HR Facilitator (2 yrs)
Dallas College
  • Director, HRIS and Deputy Title IX Coordinator (1 yr); Executive Director, Human Resources and Deputy Title IX (2 yrs)
Manara Academy
  • Director of Human Resources and Operations (2.5 yrs)
Goodwill Industries of Houston
  • HR Benefits Manager (1 yr)
Houston Graduate School of Theology
  • Admissions and Recruiting Counselor (1 yr)
Remington College
  • Career Development Instructor (1 yr)
Licenses / Certifications
  • National Diversity Council, Certified Diversity Professional (2019)
  • ADA/504 Coordinator (2019)
  • Title IX Coordinator, Higher Education Level I and PK4-12 (2018)
  • Society for Human Resources Mgmt, SHRM-CP (2016)
St. Petersburg College
  • Executive Director, Organizational Culture and Engagement (position formerly known as EDI Director) (3 yrs)
University of South Florida, Tampa
  • Affirmative Action Officer (1 yr); Assistant Director, Faculty/Staff Diversity Initiatives (4 yrs); Diversity & Equal Opportunity Consultant (1 yr)
University of Tampa
  • Educational Technology Support/Assistant Director (2 yrs)
Paul Quinn College
  • Director of Service Learning (1 yr)
Dillard University
  • Emerging Faculty Fellow (1 yr)
St. Petersburg College
  • Government Relations Director (1 yr)
Office of the Attorney General
  • Public and Legislative Affairs Coordinator (1 yr)
Office of State Senator Danny Burgess
  • Legislative Assistant (6 mo)
Michael Owen for State House
  • Campaign Manager (6 mo)
Office of State Senator Keith Perry
  • Legislative Intern (4 mo)
St. Petersburg College
  • General Counsel (1 yr); Associate General Counsel (6 mo)
Shankman Leone, P.A.
  • Attorney (4 yrs)
McRae & Metcalf, P.A.
  • Attorney (1 yr)
Hall Keener, P.A.
  • Associate Attorney (4 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • Associate Administrative Vice President (1 yr); Executive Director, Marketing and Strategic Communications (4 yrs); Assistant Director, Strategic Communications (4 yrs); Communications Coordinator (2 yrs)
Tampa Bay Times
  • Reporter and Editorial Assistant (14 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • Executive Assistant to the President and BOT Clerk (1 yr); Administrative Coordinator and BOT Clerk (4 yrs); Executive Administrative Services Specialist and BOT Clerk (3 yrs)
Science Applications International Corp.
  • Resource Administrator (1.5 yrs)
FCI Federal
  • Government Office Contractor (4 mo.)
Washington Virtual Academies
  • Assistant Assessment Coordinator (1 yr)
Saddlebrook Resort
  • Executive Administrative Assistant (1 yr)

Associate Vice Presidents

Rowan University
  • M.A., Student and Personnel Services
Widener University
  • B.A., Science and Literature
Northeastern University
  • Ed.D., Education: Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, & Leadership
Saint Michael’s College
  • M.Ed., Curriculum Development
Boston College
  • B.A., Elementary Education
Boston College
  • B.A., English
University of South Florida
  • M.Ed., Educational Leadership
Emory University
  • B.A., English/Education
Barry University
  • Doctorate coursework (ABD) in Leadership & Education, Higher Education Administration
Walden University
  • D.B.A., Finance
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Bridge Program for Accounting
University of North Alabama
  • M.B.A.
Martin Methodist College
  • B.A., Business Administration
University of South Florida
  • B.A., Finance
George Washington University
  • M.P.S., Safety and Security Leadership
Eckerd College
  • B.A., International Relations and Russian Studies
Summary of Documented Experience
St. Petersburg College
  • AVP, Financial Assistance Services (14 yrs)
Brookdale Community College
  • Director of Financial Aid (23 yrs)
New Jersey Higher Ed Student Assist. Authority
  • Program Officer, Network Services (1 yr)
Monmouth University
  • Director of Financial Aid (1 yr)
Gloucester County College
  • Advisor, Admissions /Financial Aid (3 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • AVP, Institutional Effectiveness & Academic Services (5 yrs); Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness & Research (5 yrs);
City University of Seattle
  • Director, Institutional Effectiveness (2 yrs)
Lees-McRae College
  • Director of Assessment & Effectiveness (1 yr); Director of Instructional Technology (1 yr)
Blue Ridge Learning Centers
  • Business Manager, HR, Director of Educational Programming (4 yrs)
The Coral Bay School
  • Co-Founder, Co-Head of School, Teacher (8 yrs)
Various K-12 Schools
  • Teacher (9 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • AVP, Academic Affairs and Partnerships (16 yrs); Interim Dean, College of Education (6 mo.); Director of Curriculum & Student Success (2 yrs)
Bay Point Middle School
  • Assistant Principal (6 yrs); Teacher (5 yrs)
New World School of the Arts
  • Director of Student Activities (1 yr); Teacher (3 yrs)
Southside Fundamental Middle School
  • Teacher (2 yrs)
  • Pinellas County Schools, Level Q Certification for District School Principals (2002-2004)
St. Petersburg College
  • AVP, Budgeting (3 yrs)
University of Tennessee Southern
  • Assistant Vice President for Finance (1 yr); Director of Business Services & Accounts Payable Supervisor (4 yrs); Adjunct Instructor, Business (7 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • AVP, Accounting, Business, & Financial Services (5 yrs); Director, Student Accounting & Business Systems (21 yrs);
St. Petersburg Times
  • Financial Reporting Manager (8 yrs)
Equicor Insurance Corp.
  • Staff Accountant (1 yr)
St. Petersburg College
  • AVP, Facilities, Planning, and Institutional Services (NEW)
Eckerd College
  • Assistant Vice President, Operations, Planning, and Emergency Management (4.5 yrs); Director, Emergency Management and Campus Safety (8 yrs)
United States Army
  • Responsible for maintenance and equipment inspection while deployed and stationed at Ft. Bragg, N.C. (4 yrs)


Nova Southeastern University
  • D.H.S. Doctor of Health Science
University of South Florida (Tampa)
  • M.P.A., Public Administration
University of South Florida (Tampa)
  • Master of Bio-Ethics and Medical Humanities (M.A.B.M.H.), Bioethics & Med. Humanities Graduate Certificate – Health Man & Leadership
The Citadel
  • Graduate Certificate – Higher Education Administration
University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Graduate Certificate – Health Informatics
University of South Florida (St. Petersburg)
  • B.A., Interdisciplinary Social Science
Colorado State University
  • Ph.D., Education and Human Resource Studies/Higher Ed. Leadership
Saint Leo University
  • M.B.A.
University of Florida
  • B.S., Advertising and Marketing Communications
Santa Fe Community College
  • A.S.
Keesler Air Force Base Military Technical Training
  • Administration Support Management
Northeastern University
  • Ed.D., Higher Education Leadership & Administration
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
  • M.A., Education - Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Florida Atlantic University
  • B.A., English
Harvard University
  • Professional Certificate, Ensuring Equitable Student Success
Valdosta State University
  • Ed.D., Leadership
Georgia College and State University
  • M.S., Biology
Valdosta State University
  • B.G.S., Biology
Georgia Military College
  • A.S.
St. Thomas University
  • Ed.D., Leadership and Management
Nova Southeastern University
  • M.S., Sports Management
University of South Florida
  • B.A., History
St. Petersburg College
  • A.A.
Summary of Documented Experience
St. Petersburg College
  • Provost, Downtown Center, Midtown Center, & Palladium Theater (1 yr); Provost, Health Education Center, Allstate Center, Fire Training Center, and Vet Tech Center (7 yrs); Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (2 yrs); Professor (4 yrs); Project Coordinator II, College of Nursing (3 yrs); Adjunct (18 yrs)
Tennessee College of Applied Technology
  • Dean (1 yr)
University of South Florida, St. Petersburg
  • Peer Counselor, Financial Aid (3 yrs)
State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota
  • Adjunct Faculty (13 yrs)
University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Adjunct Faculty (13 yrs)
A.T. Still University
  • Adjunct Faculty (13 yrs)
Touro University Worldwide
  • Adjunct Faculty (2 yrs)
College of Charleston
  • Adjunct Faculty (1 yr)
United States Air Force
  • Major, Active Duty and Reserves (29 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • Provost, Tarpon Springs Campus & LRMA (5 yrs); Associate Provost (4 yrs); Acting Associate Provost (1 yr); Outreach Specialist (1 yr); Interim Director International Student and Study Abroad Programs (1 yr); Student Life and Leadership Coordinator (3 yrs); Lead Coordinator Male Outreach Initiative (3 yrs); Counselor/Academic Advisor (2 yrs)
Tech Data Corp.
  • Product Marketing Manager (3 yrs)
Young & Rubicam Advertising
  • Media Buyer (1 yr)
United States Air Force
  • Active Duty, Administration Support Mgmt (3 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • Provost, Clearwater Campus & EpiCenter (1.5 yrs); Provost, Downtown and Midtown Center (4 yrs); Associate Provost (2 yrs); Adjunct (1 yr)
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Associate Dean of Students (1.5 yrs); Adjunct (1 yr)
University of Miami
  • Assistant Dean of Students (2 yrs)
University of Scranton
  • Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs (2 yrs); Instructor (3 yrs)
Virginia Tech
  • Career and Multicultural Academic Graduate Assistant (2 yrs)
Coconut Creek High School
  • Teacher (2 yrs)
Florida Atlantic University
  • Program Assistant, University Police Department (3 yrs); Program Assistant, Multicultural Affairs (4 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • Provost, St. Petersburg Gibbs Campus, Bay Pines STEM Center, Allstate Center, & Fire Training Center (5 yrs); Adjunct Instructor (1 yr)
Georgia Military College
  • Executive Director, Campuses (17 yrs); Campus Academic Dean (2 yrs); Department Chair and Assistant Professor, Biology (4 yrs); Adjunct (3 yrs); Graduate Teaching Assistant (2 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • Provost, Seminole Campus, Health Education Center, & Vet Tech Center (8 yrs); Associate Provost (4 yrs); Director, Athletics (8 yrs); Director, Enrollment Management (8 yrs); College Recruiter (3 yrs)
University of Tampa and Barry University
  • Adjunct Instructor (16 yrs)
Pinellas County Schools
  • Substitute Teacher (3 yrs)
YMCA Bauder Elementary
  • Counselor (2 yrs)


Springfield College
  • M.S., Organizational Management and Leadership
Florida A&M University
  • B.S., Public Relations
University of South Florida
  • M.A., Mathematics
Eckerd College
  • B.S., Mathematics and Theatre
University of Florida College of Law
  • J.D., Law
Stetson University
  • B.A., English
University Of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction
Florida State University
  • M.S., Educational Research, Evaluation & Testing
University Of North Carolina
  • B.S., Intermediate Education
Ana G. Mendez University
  • D.B.A., Management
  • M.B.A., Marketing
Universidad de Puerto Rico
  • B.A., Management
University of South Florida
  • Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction/Higher Education Administration
School of Visual Arts (NY)
  • Post Graduate Study, Advertising Design and Graphic Design
Montclair State University
  • M.A., Visual Design and Communication
  • B.A., Fine Arts
Pratt Institute
  • Fine Art Foundations
Johns Hopkins
  • M.S., Information and Telecommunications Systems
  • B.S., Information Technologies
Barry University
  • Ph.D., Education and Leadership: Higher Education Administration
Florida State University
  • M.A., Creative Writing
  • B.A., English
Wilkes University
  • Post-Masters Certificate, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Chatham University
  • D.N.P., Nursing
University of Phoenix
  • MSN, Nursing
University of South Florida Tampa
  • B.S., Nursing
University of South Alabama
  • Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology/Lung Biology
University of South Carolina
  • B.S., Biology
Argosy University
  • Ed.D., Curriculum and Instruction
University of Notre Dame
  • M.A., Government and International Studies
Florida A&M
  • B.S., Political Science and History
University of Florida
  • Doctoral Candidate, Ph.D., Higher Education Administration
University of Florida
  • Ed.S., Specialist in Education in Higher Education Administration
University of Central Florida
  • M.S., Educational Leadership
West Liberty University
  • B.S., Dental Hygiene
Summary of Documented Experience
St. Petersburg College
  • Dean, Workforce Development and Corporate Partnerships (1 yr); Director, Corporate College (7 yrs)
Hillsborough Community College
  • Business Intelligence Manager (1 yr); Continuing Education Coordinator (2 yrs)
American Seniors Assoc.
  • Community Liaison (6 mo.)
Hillsborough County Government
  • Public Relations/Information Specialist I (4 yrs)
  • LERN Certified Contract Trainer (2016)
St. Petersburg College
  • Dean, Mathematics (11 yrs); Academic Chair (3 yrs); Professor (9 yrs); Adjunct (1 yr)
St. Petersburg College
  • Dean, College of Policy, Ethics, & Legal Studies (16 yrs); Coordinator/ Program Director (23 yrs); Instructor (8 yrs)
Stetson University College of Law
  • Guest Lecturer, Trial Team Coach, Adjunct (36 yrs)
Nova Southeastern University
  • Adjunct (7 yrs)
Eckerd College
  • Lecturer (31 yrs)
Demers & Demers
  • Attorney (1 yr)
Law Offices of Robert W. Pope
  • Attorney (5 yrs)
Clearwater Bar Association
  • President (1 yr), Program Chair (17 yrs), People’s Law School Co-Coordinator (18 yrs)
  • Florida Bar Member – Special Commission on Paralegal Regulation
St. Petersburg College
  • Dean, College of Education (11 yrs)
University of Mississippi
  • Department Chair and Professor (4 yrs)
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Associate Professor (7 yrs)
Gardner-Webb University
  • Associate Professor (2 yrs)
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Assistant Professor (1 yr)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Graduate Assistant and Program Evaluator (3 yrs)
  • Florida State University
  • Graduate Assistant / Instructor (2 yrs)
Various K-12 schools
  • Teacher and Academic Facilitator (8 yrs)
Licenses / Certifications
  • A Level North Carolina—Grades K-6 and 6-9 Language Arts and Social Studies
  • D Level North Carolina—Grades K-12 Supervision and Curriculum
St. Petersburg College
  • Dean, College of Business (1 yr)
Gulf Coast State College
  • Associate Professor/Program Manager (9 yrs)
Mindhatch Ventures, LLC
  • President/Founder (2 yrs)
Ana G. Mendez University, Puerto Rico
  • Associate Dean (2 yrs); Program Chair (2 yrs); Integrated Services Coordinator (3 yrs); Integrated Services Officer (1 yr)
St. Petersburg College
  • Dean, Humanities and Fine Arts (11 yrs); Instructor in Charge Graphic Design (7 yrs); Adjunct (5 yrs)
Eckerd College
  • Program for Experienced Learners Center Director (3 yrs)
Argosy University
  • Adjunct (8 yrs)
The Art Institute of Tampa
  • Director of Faculty Development and Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness (1 yr); Dean of Academic Affairs (2 yrs)
University of South Florida
  • Visiting Assistant Professor (4 yrs)
The Right Brain Workshop
  • Freelance Creative Director (36 yrs)
Chesapeake Display & Packaging
  • Senior Graphic Designer (6 yrs)
Nabisco Graphic
  • Designer (3 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • Dean, College Computer and Information Technology (new 2023)
Wake Technical College
  • Department Head, Programming and Information Sciences (4 yrs)
Johnston Community College
  • Computer Science Instructor (2 yrs)
Horry-Georgetown Technical College
  • Digital and Information Systems Professor (5 yrs)
Concordia University
  • Academic Coordinator/Instructor Math/CPT (2 yrs)
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Technology Project Manager (10 yrs)
  • Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) 2009-2013
St. Petersburg College
  • Dean, Communications (7 yrs); Director Learning Resources (5 yrs); Academic Chair (3 yrs); Professor (17 yrs); Adjunct (1 yr)
St. Petersburg College
  • Dean, College of Nursing (4.5 yrs); Acting Dean, College of Nursing (6 mo); Academic Chair, Nursing (3 yrs); Professor (3 yrs)
Prestige Health & Wellness
  • Chief Executive Officer/Owner (4 yrs)
North Tampa Behavioral Health
  • Nurse Practitioner (2 yrs)
West Coast University
  • Associate Professor (2 yrs)
Roseman University
  • Associate Professor (5 yrs)
BayCare Health System
  • Nursing Instructor (6 yrs)
Comprehensive Research Institute, St. Joseph Hospital
  • Research Nurse Coordinator (1 yr)
Brandon Hospital and St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital
  • Registered Nurse (5 yrs)
  • American Nurses Credentialing Center Certification in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (2021-present)
  • FL Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Practitioner (2021-present)
  • FL Registered Nurse (2001-present)
St. Petersburg College
  • Dean, Natural Sciences & Engineering (7 yrs); Academic Chair (1 yr)
Technical College of the Lowcountry
  • Biology Instructor and Program Director (5 yrs); Interim Dean of Arts & Sciences (1 yr)
St. Petersburg College
  • Dean, Social & Behavioral Sciences and Human Services (15 yrs); Program Director (3 yrs); Professor (26 yrs)
Alpha Institute for Teen Leadership
  • Program Coordinator (28 yrs)
Sgt Allen Moore Safehouse
  • Program Director (28 yrs)
St. Petersburg College
  • Dean, Health Sciences (5 yrs); Associate Dean, Health Sciences (5 yrs)
College of Central Florida
  • Dental Assisting Professor and Program Manager (15 yrs); Health Occupations Counselor / Associate Professor / Program Facilitator (10 yrs); Adjunct Instructor (3 yrs)
Gulf Coast Community College
  • Adjunct Instructor (10 yrs)
Santa Fe Community College
  • Adjunct Instructor (3 yrs)
Private dental practice
  • Dental Hygienist (39 yrs)
  • FL State Board of Dentistry Licensure
  • Certified Dental Assistant
  • National Dental Hygiene Board Certification
  • Northeast Regional Dental Hygiene Board Certification

Policies and Procedures for Regular Evaluation of Administrators (Evaluations)

Ongoing performance evaluations are used to assess and provide feedback on the job performance and responsibilities of all non-instructional personnel, including administrators and academic officers at SPC. These evaluations are conducted through the Human Resources department on an annual basis and in accordance with College Board of Trustees Procedure P6Hx23.2.10. Regular evaluations are used to support a cycle of continuous feedback and improvement for administrators and leadership, promote professional development and growth, and align activities with the overall strategic priorities of the College (Figure 5.4.1).

Figure 5.4.1 — Performance Review

SPC’s performance review process exists in two phases:

  • Phase 1 of the performance evaluation process occurs in Fall, typically from August to October, and includes setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals. These goals should be aligned with the College’s overall objectives and departmental or division strategic priorities. Employees are required to establish both job-oriented and professional development goals using this framework and are provided with in-person and virtual HR-led trainings as well as instruction manuals and example materials to assist in completion. Goals are reviewed and approved by immediate supervisors in partnership with the employee.
  • Phase 2 of the performance evaluation process, completed between April and June, involves both self-evaluation and supervisory evaluation of performance at the end of the year. During this phase, employees first use a report template to reflect on their own performance and growth by providing feedback on professional accomplishments, progress toward goals, strengths, and areas for improvement. Managers review the employee’s feedback as well as performance against the initial goals. This review includes a review of the employee’s job responsibilities, job performance, and any other relevant factors, including feedback from employees and clients. Feedback occurs both in evaluation meetings and written performance reports. Employees must review their supervisor’s remarks and respond prior to finalizing and submitting their evaluation to Human Resources.

The next steps for any employee with an unsatisfactory performance evaluation are determined based on the compliance issue and deficiencies identified during the review process. Employees may be placed on a performance improvement plan in conjunction with their supervisor and Human Resources.

Performance goals and evaluation reports are housed in SPC’s online HR system, allowing for ready access and digitized, historical documentation of performance in personnel files. Figure 5.4.2 demonstrates the completion of the annual evaluation process and access to historical records for several years of evaluations, which can be viewed by the employee, manager, and HR department.


Figure 5.4.2—Example Goal Setting and Performance Review Historical Documentation List


The following administrator evaluations are included as examples of the continuous improvement and evaluation process, showing goals, employee feedback, and supervisory feedback:

President’s Cabinet

Associate Vice Presidents