10.3 Archived Information

The institution ensures the availability of archived official catalogs (digital or print) with relevant information for course and degree requirements sufficient to serve former and returning students.  (Archived information).

 Compliance   ____Non-Compliance


Availability and Accessibility of Archived Catalogs

St. Petersburg College ensures the availability of archived official catalogs (digital and print) with all the relevant information for course and degree requirements sufficient to serve former and returning students.  Digital PDF versions of the current academic year and 22 years of archived catalogs can be found on the College Catalog website accessible to current, former, and prospective students and the public at any time, including all distance and Dual Enrolled students. Printed copies of Catalogs prior to 2001-02 are stored in the St. Pete/Gibbs Campus Library archive and the Curriculum Services office and can be requested via phone, email, or in person through the Admissions and Records office, the Library, or Curriculum Services. Since 2001, the College no longer maintains printed copies; however, printed versions can be created from the PDF version and are used/maintained in specific offices, such as Veterans Affairs.

Responsibility for Catalog Updates and Archiving of Catalogs

The Curriculum Services department has the responsibility to update/create the College Catalog annually, so that it is ready for the start of each academic year, and the department also oversees the archiving of previous years’ Catalogs.  During the Spring previous to the upcoming academic year, departments across the College are asked to review the prior year’s information and send any required edits for incorporation into the next year’s version. Once published, the catalog is considered complete and approved. Changes that may occur mid-year during a Catalog Year are incorporated into the next year’s Catalog.

As part of the continuous curriculum improvement cycle, course or program discontinuations that may impact students’ programs of study are communicated in writing to all affected students, providing information on timelines for completing the program or course before it is no longer available as well as alternatives for completion. These communications are embedded within the SACSCOC teach-out process the College follows. In addition, all curriculum changes are shared with departments and stakeholders across the College including Advising, Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, Dual Enrollment, International Student Services, and program leads, Deans, and Provosts, among others. These changes are shared through the bi-annual Curriculum Update packet and associated email, Curriculum Services monthly newsletters, and on-demand at professional development opportunities throughout the year.



Part I: Signatures Attesting to Integrity

Part II: Institutional Summary Form Prepared for Commission Reviews

Part III: Fifth-Year Compliance Certification

Part IV: Follow-Up Report (not applicable)

Part V: Impact Report of the Quality Enhancement Plan