10.9 Cooperative Academic Agreements

The institution ensures the quality and integrity of the work recorded when an institution transcripts courses or credits as its own when offered through a cooperative academic arrangement. The institution maintains formal agreements between the parties involved, and the institution regularly evaluates such agreements. (Cooperative Academic Agreements)

 Compliance   ____Non-Compliance


St. Petersburg College has no cooperative academic agreements for credit programs or courses as defined by the Commission policy “Agreements Involving Joint and Dual Academic Awards.” Dual enrollment courses are taught in Pinellas County Schools by faculty credentialed through SPC, and, as such, are equivalent to on-campus courses and do not fall under the definition of a cooperative academic agreement.



Part I: Signatures Attesting to Integrity

Part II: Institutional Summary Form Prepared for Commission Reviews

Part III: Fifth-Year Compliance Certification

Part IV: Follow-Up Report (not applicable)

Part V: Impact Report of the Quality Enhancement Plan